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I am closing in on the area where I think there is a potential that string over-run interferes with the operation, or at the least returns incomplete information. Since type is after name in the structure it would seem that an over-run did not occur, however, it may be that name is filled in first and this cannot always be assumed to remain the same. Parallelism and out of order execution of parts of code would probably kill most applications. I designed my code to be atomic in operation and many of the deadlocks, and strange locking type problems do not occur. If you program in DNA there are very few points where you must use a semaphore and that is good, because natural occurrence of a semaphore would be rare.(IMHO)

if(ioctl(cam_ID, VIDIOCGCAP, &vid_cap) == -1) { fprintf(stderr, "VIDIOCGCAP -- failed\n"); exit(1); } printf("Type %d\n",vid_cap.type); printf("Name %s\n",;


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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