Proof that I am madder than a hatter

I offer as proof that no one in their right mind would take an ASM language assembler IDE designed for Windows and fix it to work on "wine" and the rewrite it in "C" to make programs that compile in asm using GCC to produce "C" code modules that run in wine, windows or Linux. The picture links to a larger view and the original creator of the AsmEdit is HERE, It appears that 2004 was the last time it was updated from the original writers. Some links go nowhere and "page info" says it was last updated "Thu 24 May 2001 10:20:00 PM MDT". I don't distribute it and who would want it now that it is so strange and convolved that it wanders in and out of languages and operating systems like dark matter. I thought it was a strange creation to begin with as it attempted to use "C" like interface in an ASM way to interface with the OS in a very atomic way. It is a good learning tool if you like to get in behind things and when combined with other utilities can solve some sticky issues with DLLs.

It is actually a very nice solid tool and though it was intended to be a windows development program, it works just as well in Linux and it is great nostalgia for the time before the common availability of compilers that are cross platform. I did my first programming in hexadecimal with a keypad to enter the code and data into a UV ROM and sometimes OTPs. I also walked 30 miles in snow over my head to get to a one room school house, well maybe I rode the bus, but there was some snow I saw on the side of the road.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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