Video download methods, down and out

This requires a build from source, but I would guess it will be in Debian soon, if they can get the name conflicts resolved and test if "clive" and "clive" will conflict. Video download at Sourceforge

I wanted to watch some new educational videos that showed up on youtube recently and tried out my clive command line utility and it did not work. I had written some scripts to extract videos from XML and HTML, and created scripts to get them so I could view them and study them until I grasped the concepts.

I don't want to host or share or even keep a gazillion terabytes of video, but I like to pause, study, and move about in the lectures to see if I missed something. So it is very inconvenient and almost impossibly frustrating to do that with flash.

So... here is the story as it happened to me today.

First I looked at the source and manual for clive and tried some options that failed horribly. Normally I would assume that my skills were weak and that is why it doesn't work, but NO the code is squirrelly. I got the source and it was Python, which I walked through and was not impressed.

So I looked to the net to find something better and the link at the top of the page is an answer for anybody interested. It is a C++ code implementation and works, as I tested it. It has "abby" also which is a GUI interface so it can be used by mere humans. I would be sad that I spent so much time developing a good link extractor, but it was great practical coding training and experience. abby has a built in video link extraction method so you can get several videos off a page. This is what I do, I get enough of a course that I can skip around and find out what I didn't already learn and then dump them to the bottomless pit of /dev/null when I have grasped the content.

I was studying CPAN and ASP and AJAX yesterday and finished with that.

I then went into Cantor, Leibniz, Turing, Kurt Gödel, and infinities. It is my cultured opinion that they suck at infinity and dimensional understanding. I am sorry, but the Halting problem is not very elegant at all and is hardly a super duper concept. There is something beyond infinities, and there are some things that I know about that, which I will keep to myself, for now. I read Cantor many years ago and he mainly had a problem with something that should be very obvious to anybody that actually grasps what the infinities imply. It is dangerous to some kinds of minds and that is another issue, as it is sometimes not possible to understand a subject from within the subject itself and that has nothing to do with the set of all sets, incompleteness, halting or Hilbert's Hotel.

P may not equal NP, but the elements that should be included in each is certainly not the same for me and others. It is actually very sad that much knowledge must die in each generation with many great minds and perhaps some day that will be solved. It is certainly a great entropic leak, at least.

Actually I am studying OWL, GGG, ontologies, and associated concepts like web spider traps, NOP slides, infinitely recursive associations in net space, and dealing with ontological relationships of things in n-dimensional-space.

Also Sprach moteyalpha, or maybe Zarathustra. A riddle in notes of the scale.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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