Good Chemistry Lectures

A play list of the lectures in Chemistry from Berkeley

I have previewed these and as far as the online courses go, this professor has a good grasp of how the molecules interact and since I just took a refresher in organic chemistry, this is very familiar. I also brings back bad memories of the fact that everybody learns IUPAC and nobody actually uses it.

This prof is far beyond my prof at a state university and that has been the main observation I take away from all the courses from Stanford, Yale, MIT, and Harvard. The quality of the courses and the clarity of their understanding of their subject makes the material come alive and many of the things that most state schools teach is far inferior in all aspects.

I had a few glitches using the new automated down loader (cclive) with (abby), but it was simply configuration issues and my hands are clean of coding dust on this one. It worked and though it is not yet a work of art, it is functional, intuitive and stable. That is where a program should stay and beauty and elegance can come with time or not for all I care. If the coders happen on this, You Rock!


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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