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Perhaps a new meaning for "Folding at Home".

It seems that it should be quite obvious about infinity that it follows from even the simplest facts of the universe. An object has gravity which affects things that are trillions of miles away and even an electron does this and is affected by objects at any distance. If you count the matter in the universe and then take the factorial expansion of that and THEN multiply by infinity, you have a number that represents the larger problem. I don't plan to spend the rest of eternity writing that number, but it is clear from that simple fact, that certainly the simulation of the universe requires the participation of universe.

Gravity is certainly the most useful force in the universe as it interacts with all matter=infinity=effect=center.

I was testing video file formats today and it is a good skill to be able to find the things you need in the cacaphony of the internet. Many people try to subvert the path for profit, and I am sure they have some little success at it. Many things are dominated strategies on some level and I see that web ontology is a key to successful use and advantage of the web. Strangely, those who provide knowledge for the sake of humanity and all can be drowned out by the screaming need for some simple self gratification that stems from an inability to see in perspective, what advantage there is in the even game.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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