Codecs and quality

Since I have delved into the nature of codecs and such , I will impart what I have learned and it confirms that I am stupid. This is always a good thing to know. Codecs is the encoding ( compression ) and decoding ( expansion ) of anything, but is commonly used for audio and video. I have come to realize that they are just one more way in which somebody is trying to control others. It seems that the free format OGG vorbis is faster and better quality, and yet a proprietary format is more common.

It is sad that you cannot buy anything that somebody has not tried to include some horrible trick to profit from the general lack of suspicion about the motives of those who sell products. I am as stupid as anybody else and it constantly surprises me, even though after all these years I should expect some trick from anybody who offers a product for sale.

I am thinking about creating a new format that is better for a new technology method that I discovered and I hope to start it right, with open unencumbered standards, but even that is difficult, as there are those who will take what is given to humanity and use it for profit. It seems that there is no end to the number of people who will use information as a tool against others.

An interesting thing that has happened recently is the growth of acceptance of nuclear power as an acceptable alternative to fossil fuels. I think that it is perhaps less of a risk and never mentioned the fact that the wheels of that process of acceptance were grinding for many years. I could see the shadows of the hands that control the technology working toward their ends and I think it is the best that can be done for the short term and likely will lead to a safe process in the long term. I know that it is possible to extract the energy from the nucleus without so much thrashing, but first they learn fire and later they learn to control and use it efficiently and safely. Burn in my fireplace, chaos.


Wei-Yee Chan said...

I have all my favourite songs ripped and encoded in ogg vorbis. It makes no sense to use something like wma which is a proprietary format and in addition, sounds terrible.

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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