Cache = CAM = Open Source

If I remember correctly, it was Terje Mathisen that said "All programming is an exercise in caching." and I have said that CAM for a data base is the way to go. Cache is CAM and I see there is a new open source hardware that is 1000 times faster in a data base and that is certainly the tip of the iceberg for acceleration using cache / cam for an associative data base.

I am glad somebody is doing that, as it will make a big difference in what is possible with computers. There is something one step beyond that what is almost scary and I will wait to see what comes of this before I muddy the waters with something that is 1000 times faster than that even.

Another thing is that I have heard that telnet is a real mess for security and I have to say that I understand why from the lowest level. I fired up my `wireshark` to monitor net traffic and opened up telnet on my router to dig around a little at the command prompt on the BusyBox. It is so pitiful that the password is right there in plain ascii in the data stream. I can't imagine anything more insecure than that. I see why people say to block your telnet as it sucks for security. Now I know for sure. I really like to verify what people say before I accept it as gospel.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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