Not really Circular reasoning and reference

Recursion is one of the handy programming amplifiers. In this case there are several levels of recursion. This is the point where things get odd, looking at the Heavyside function and its derivative or integrals when applied with a cyclic sine (sign reversing ( not a misprint )) function. I suppose some would say there is no point, if it works, but direct to the point is what I want and I am not willing to accept that imaginary roots of -1 are more than an accident of how the functions were originally defined. It is no different than going back in my code and repairing things when I see that I have made an assumption which causes me to continually correct results for the fact that I cannot plan against that which has not yet happened.

The image is from wiki ( and links there at Mohr's Circle methods ) and is modified at the svg level to png. I plan to make a video of this entire stress-strain and how all these functions relate at a level that is far more clear and consistent. I also plan to add the code that computes these relationships along with real applications. If wiki wants to use the product of another generation of Mohr tackling the problem in a broader sense, they are more than welcome to take as much as they wish of the code, images, gifs, video, svg, pngs and writings.

The work with Coloumb should be fascinating, just for my historical interest and also the Maxwell-Mohr collaboration. It is not available at wiki yet and I will have to find that elsewhere. It seems not to be indexed directly, but is this: statically indeterminate.

If Newton, Archimedes, da Vinci, Ben Franklin, and others were alive today, I would bet they would be going as nutty as I do some times with the technology that is available. You know these guys would have been programmers. It is a shame that Turing et alia are not here to enjoy what they helped create. I can't really imagine what they would think if they could have access to practically every scientific work that ever existed at the speed of light and Newton could just email Leibniz with nasty comments about stealing "the method of fluxions and fluents". I would definitely subscribe to their newsletter.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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