Many bodies problem conjecture

I was trying to find an equation that resolves to the other equations like wave motion and stress, strain, deformation and such. By an odd coincidence I was studying several different methods at once to keep from being bored. Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors, unsigned circular motion, etcetera. I think I have a solution to the three+ body problem and much like many solutions, I wonder why I didn't think of that before. I will do a video of the solution, but this is not much of a question as I am creating programs that perform the actions and this serves as a proof as far as I am concerned. If it models the real world given a set of starting values like the position, masses and velocity of planets.

It seems this is something that is wanted, but it don't see where it has fantastic consequences. I see where it is useful for me to determine some properties of fluids or even the nucleus and complex atoms. Maybe it will lead to some other solutions when applied.

I think this could be a solve for space junk. That would be useful. It would seem the equations would be worth a couple Euros. That is correct, now I see that the way in which it is computed now, even a simple single collision between a small piece of space junk and the ISS is impossible for others to solve. I had a clue to this several years ago and pounded my head against it and failed to solve it. I remember that well, as it hurts to spend a week trying solutions and then failing with nothing to show. I didn't have all the pieces then, new understanding gets new solutions.

ADDED: So I am adding the function for this to my program and it seems fairly straight forward, but I will see if it does what I think it will. I will add the video here when I am done.

After some openGL issues and a lot of vector resolution and handedness issues, it seems that it is working and though it is too early to tell for sure, it is looking exactly as I expected it would. I have been working to add field gradients and direction so I can see if is doing what I think it is. I intend to add spheres for the planets, just to be realistic and then make a panel to set the initial velocity and masses. I thought it wasn't working at first, but realized that without an initial angular velocity it just fall down go boom, big batta boom. The video is a real mess as I just added stuff on top of the Fourier junk I was doing because I was in a hurry to see whether it was worth wasting the time to complete.

I will put the next video in a new post when it is clear that all things are working , as far as I can tell it is doing exactly as I thought it would do and I need to establish some valid initial conditions, distances, masses and vectors before I can be absolutely sure, if it doesn't completely work out it is a great spatial interaction tools anyway, as it is fast and can handle dozens of elements easily. It isn't really possible to ever be sure of anything until it is all polished and in the box ready to ship. Just ask Duke Nukem Forever.


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Automated Intelligence
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