The danger of complexity

This link at Wired about a 16 year accused of phoning a bomb threat based on technological information. If it turns out that he was framed by an IP or ID spoof, then it shows something that I have suggested will come of the increase in complexity of technology.

Certainly 'War Games' was a warning about this, but seems to be ignored. Consider some talented hacker in some foreign country who can spoof the IP and caller IDs in US through a compromised Windows machine. The problem is that police and military are compulsive in action without the skill and training to understand a situation.

If the average person is out of their comfort zone to spoof an IP, that means that less than 50% of the population actually knows what is possible and be able to identify a valid causal sequence. It may even seem realistic to them. To a person who understands how all this works it looks like a train wreck. It reminds me of a Monty Python sketch where the commander of some troops calls for reinforcements when all his men are dead, as they were faced with a field full of hand grenades with a note on the pin that says "pull me".

This is the same governments (not just US) which control weapons that could destroy the world. Since they are incapable of knowing the truth before they act, then they are a idiots with doomsday bombs. How tricky does Br'er Rabbit have to be to get Br'er Fox to get stuck in that tar pit. I suppose the next thing they must do is kill all the people smarter than them and then things will return to normal. I think this is a possible solution that would be considered. It isn't even new, "No one expects the Spanish Inquisition" or the imprisoning of Galileo and Kill the Wiiiitch!!.

What happens when that virus that has taken your computer starts spoofing caller IDs on VOIP and you are the second one arrested as the one who framed the 16 year old? The only answer is to stop filling the government houses with dynamite and idiots , then saying that it protects anybody from harm.

ADDED: This case is not a matter of a totally innocent person who is improperly accused, however the concept is still part of the complexity that is growing. Who could say how deep obfuscation can become when these things happen. The kid is obviously a malicious individual from further reports here at Wired. It makes you wonder how long it will be before they are spoofing the Kremlin as a joke, trying to start WWIII. My opinion remains that filling your house with dynamite and then trying to arrest every person with a match is silliness. If you make weapons, they will eventually be used by everyone. If you make doomsday bombs with no intent of using them, then why do you make them? If you have a plan to use them, then it is an affront to life itself. I guess I just don't know what to think about all this, there is enough stupid to paint a barn, in a society that gets ever more complex and dangerous, as a result.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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