Video upload-download test

Test video

For some reason the video would not integrate with the last post so I placed it here. It is not intended to be impressive, it is 120 frames and the quality of the final product seems okay. It is about 5 megabytes and lasts about 4 seconds. It definitely makes a difference to operate the code itself as there are several simultaneous windows. The point is to see if it plays and that it is visible in this format. I do think that Google does some additional processing and the final quality may be somewhat diminished.

I compared the original .avi and this mp4 and it is encoded in a fairly lossy manner, perhaps to reduce data rate and I would guess it is compressed based upon a lowest common denominator data rate. I will probably host the future .avi or .ogg files on my website and just link to it, so they can be downloaded if anybody has an interest in the thumbnails.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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