Its a Monty Python movie of life

\frac{-b \pm \sqrt {b^2-4ac}}{2a}

float quadratic( float a, float b, float c){float solution; solution=(sqrt(b*b - 4.0*a*c)-b)/(2.0*a);return solution;} or solution=-(sqrt(b*b - 4.0*a*c)+b)/(2.0*a);return solution;}

It starts out strange and just gets stranger.

This link at Daily Galaxy is to some thoughts on the new memory canceling drugs. There are things like GHB that interfere with memory. There are nootropics intended to increase memory and skill.

The problem I see is that the availability of these things in combination with the stupidity of humanity is a cocktail for some bizarre future of twits that wander around a football field bumping into each other as they have doped each other as an act of war and now everybody is a twit and they die looking for an answer to the joke that is the concept of human existence as a competition.

I wonder what intelligent action a person will take to defend themselves, when they do not remember who they are? Lucrezia Borgia comes to mind and it is much easier to dispose of somebody if there is no "corpus delicti" , nobody to remember and ,nobody who remembers it is a crime. It does make me think of a Monty Python skit I saw once where twits wandered around kicking a ball for some unknown reason.

I personally think that the derivation of all human problems comes from this need to compete for survival and it is a stupid animal game that controls the species and it may be their demise. The intellectual evolution of form leads to tools too dangerous to be in the hands of a wolf. I see governments as an institutionalized representation of this nature and that is where my dislike for all government arises. Consider that governments have developed the power to commit genocide on all living races and then consider why would anybody need a tool at their disposal that is genocidal? It seems to me that this type of governance itself, is the most evil thing that has ever existed. Not only do they conspire to maintain and enhance the ability to commit genocide, they claim it is a necessity of the nature of man.

If you think there no people evil enough to use a tool like this, you must be new to this planet.

It seems a very simple equation of ands and ors that always happens. The two equations below are the same by De Morgan,

If A or B or C or .... THEN !Life If !A and !B and !C and .... THEN Life

As technology advances the number of terms and possibilities increases, the likelihood that !Life will be the outcome becomes more sure when applied over t->∞.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen