I have video launch at high fps and no lag

As the image shows I have converted single frames into a video and played it with the "Kaffeine Player" and there are some issues of image quality that result from the lossiness of encoding which is configurable. As a result, the combination of ImageMagick, ( as convert also ) and openGL frame capture and ffmpeg to encode it to video results in a complete system where I can encode and even use "Kino" video editor to add whatever special effects and do audio overlay or possibly even use "videodub" which is a very nice piece of software itself. I can also import the images into gimp as frames and export them as animated gifs, in this way I have a complete fully flexible a/v environment that allows me to generate movies of anything.

#!/bin/bash for f in *tif ; do convert -quality 100 $f `basename $f tif`jpg; done ffmpeg -r 10 -b 1800 -i %03d.jpg test1800.mp4

These are the setting that lead to the highest quality and flip the video on the vertical. The encoding to avi takes about 1 second for each 1 second of video and could be operating at the same time as the program itself and converting as it was captured and streamed. It shows 130 frames per second while recording to disk and so that makes no dent in the performance unless it drops below 30fps.

#!/bin/bash for f in *tif ; do convert -flip -quality 100 $f `basename $f tif`jpg; done ffmpeg -sameq -i %03d.jpg afglVid1.avi

A lot of interesting things here, the buffer is technically upside down , which can be fixed in the convert step with a flip. Also my screen window snapshot program failed to uncover the complete lower window when partially overlaid with a console, which I did not know that happened or that it could.

The script above shows the complete process of converting the output .tif frames to .jpg format and then to video.Because the program has interface to the Atomic Force Microscope, it is now possible to video tape in the atomic world as it operates.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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