Transinfinite REGEX

I can't show you the real expressions as they are something that happens in the freaky world of infinities and I won't go into it any further than that. If you know, you already know, and if you don't then you don't need to know.

I could use either of those and it is interesting how they all interact and I could see that not all solutions can be rated by the same parameters. A solution needs to come in time to be used and sometimes it is necessary to take some action, even if it is not guaranteed to succeed, and thus is not technically correct.

Much like javascript, C, Python, XML, openGL and many other things, if I had read those two quotes 10 years ago, it would have looked like gibberish. I suppose it still looks like gibberish to most people. The second line reads as Start at word boundary, collect as many characters that are in the brackets[ word - .], then an at @ sign, followed by a name, dot, and a 2 to 4 length domain. It isn't perfect, but it catches most emails. It isn't for spamming capture, just for the sake of validation. Of course, in a war, both sides use guns, but the good guys have good guns.

I can be reasonably certain what they do by looking at them, but an interesting thing is that failure to fully qualify one's own work for lack of enthusiasm can reap a horrid price. The failure to sanitize an expression when you are going to a data base can be very dangerous. A mismatched quote and a smart user can put Little Bobby Drop Tables right in a place that you don't want him to be.

A good link for using REGEX with "C" is at GNU org.

I was working on my XML to code converter today and like always, I like to do the wrong thing to my data to see what happens. I suppose it is a game of cat and mouse where I get to be both. It is time consuming, but must be done. I write the code knowing I will test it and hope to defeat my own best efforts to confound the process with bad input. The result is that after several rounds of the game I find no more moves and quit, always a tie.

If you are using Linux, the easiest way to get a handle on how regex works, get 'kregexpeditor' from the repositories. It is simple to use and has a graphic display that helps to explain some of the more complex sets that you might describe. The history of FSA(Finite State Automata) is also helpful for background.

The web is a fantastic source of information and if you can develop a skill to search and find what you need there is so much available it makes me dizzy sometimes. I am studying angular momentum as it applies to collapsing stars like white dwarfs, neutron stars and black holes. The actual energy that is released by the collapse was not something I had calculated before and it can be 10 times larger than the total energy it produces in a 10 billion year life, released in minutes. That has got to cause some serious sun burn for those who are circling those suns.

There are definitely some correlations that will come from all this, I can tell already. I wonder how people would feel if they found out that the stars may not be as distant and unreachable as they assume? It does not seem that bureaucracies or totalitarian states will ever embrace the freedom of space as it runs counter to their interest in consuming people like fuel and if they are out from under their thumb, they will have to do the work for themselves and that would be a horror they could not face.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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