I am not psychic, just a bit retro-trans-meta-time-ish

I see that something I mentioned earlier is being tested for use with people. Tengion was growing organs on a matrix outside the body and I asked ( a year ago ) if it would not be more sensible to implant the matrix into the site where the organ was to be replaced. This is in process now and someone has a technique to implant an eye regenerative cell system in the base of the eye of blind people and allow it to regrow into a new eye. They say it is 2 years away, but it beats an electronic replacement. It is free , as it comes from natural cell growth and there are no cybernetic interface issues, as it is a matching technology.

I see the future because, I can look at what is, and see what can be.

I see something new in physics that I did not know yesterday, there will be a change in how space itself is viewed in the near future ( < 1 year ). Another reason I can see the potential future is because I never get stuck in the past. I always take everything as an intermediate solution and to me no scientific concept is sacred. Ubiquitin was one that I was very skeptical of when I took molecular genetics. That and the Central Dogma both really fit with the concept of dogma.

With my latest understanding of the chemical origins of life, I can guess that ultimately it will be possible to define a single chemical structure that performs integrated functions with the body and mind. The only thing that stands in the way of realizing the benefit of technology is the inherent destructive nature of some people and their ability to influence others to be part of their madness.

The definition of the process of evolution of control by others.

  1. Join me to do good.
  2. Join me to do good for goodness sake.
  3. Join me to destroy bad for goodness sake.
  4. Now destroy for whatever I wish as good for me,
    as you have given me power over you.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen