Equilibrium of understanding

I have attended many colleges, technology symposiums, and universities and there is a marked difference between the way in which ideas are represented to the assumed audience. I am very much surprised constantly that many ideas that I have come to independently have been written on extensively. My approach to understanding is to avoid the given solution and devise the solution myself. This creates a situation where I learn how to learn and thus have an advantage in dealing with situations that have not yet been resolved.

I was revisiting classic physics, quantum mechanics and fields when a 'first principle' was discussed. The effectiveness of a teacher depends upon their grasp of a subject and I find it very interesting that a person would relate this concept in dealing with physics. Here is a link at wiki and it is bizarre to see that A=A is the origin, and this I had assumed by my own reasoning. It is the association of a name or symbol for an object or the act of association and its meaning in the universe as the juxtaposition in space of two things that become an isolated set.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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