Reductionism matrix

Reductionism is defined at wiki.In this case I am just taking the simplest possible case of a matrix and its solutions and process. A matrix continues to expand in dimensions and this might seem absurd, but this is dimension 1 and it is a point solution, At ( one dimension - 1 intersecting point), (two dimensions - 2 intersecting lines),(three dimensions, 3 intersecting planes), etc. I suppose an intersecting point is actually absurd, but taking an engine apart to see how it operates is just as valid when the engine is the process of math. I suppose it makes sense when all the factors are included and it is the intersection of one more thing, which is the set of ℜ numbers.

I am just a cave man, standing at the entrance to the cave making howling sounds to imitate a wolf so the others will get the association that the wolf is at the door. Communication by association. Context. I hope they come and help as it is gain to no one to be divided like sheep and killed one by one. Learn from the wolf's ways to be one humanity. I will mark the wall with a red dripping

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to let them know, if I am gone that I was taken by the 'red tooth and claw'.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen