Hash for my sql squirrel

I bought all the copy rights from the Isaac Newtown estate and when copyrights are extended to 500 years I am going to make a fortune. Oh wait a minute, that says Isaac Newtown not Newton , DOH!

Decision trees, hashes, computability and AI as they relate to the other topics is what I am mixing in now. To me it is much like thinking soup, a little thermodynamics, a slice of deterministic processing, some hash functions, linked lists, decision trees and a dash of silliness. It is late and I have just read 200 pages on the history of symbolic logic and I will probably dream of a trio of automated Golem playing Jeopardy in powdered wigs and an IBM logo branded into their necks. Crowds of old 386 PCs cheer them on and chat with each other about how they are the now the most powerful nation on the Earth as drones circle and pick off anything biological that might wander near.

I wish the symbology of math and logic was a bit more consistent and standardized. You can have things that can be written and read several ways, like f'(x) : d/dx f(x) : dx2 implies (dx)2. I would rather use δ or Δ myself. I can almost read the tableaux at the top of the page, but I am having trouble keeping the symbols straight, when they are used in such a multitude of forms and such cavalier disregard for uniqueness mostly, and occasionally consistency. I think the problem is that few wander farther than their specialty and so it seems very consistent and unique to them.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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