Obj file export import

This is a snap of an ".obj" file created in blender and exported, then rendered in openGL with a diagnostic overlay to indicate render speed and position. I used dupliframe / duplivert to create this and some of the technicalities of import / export need to be resolved to effectively integrate blender methods back and forth to the rendered images. It is still rendering at 1000 frames per second and so I have plenty of room to work with. I haven't even done optimization yet and so I should be able to have extremely complex animated displays in real time.

In addition, the export to video is working and I can now make some videos that I will post on the sourceforge page.

And this is with normals and shading , I did not apply subsurf, but that is one of the tests I intend to try tonight, along with other object features.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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