Complexity, language and emergence

I have been integrating new features in my program and it is almost complete. The strange thing is that when all the audio, conversions, lists, elvi, scripts, UDP chatter, and other parts are combined they become something more. It emerges as something like art that is more complex than a simple sum of parts. It is entertaining and acts logically, but in unique new ways that I could not have predicted. There is an awful lot of work in putting something like this together and it has been 7 months now. I thought it could be done in a couple weeks, silly me. Now that I have dealt with all the detail it should be easy to extend it with new features. It is really fast.

On the subject of language there is a good example of natural speech that uses audio clues. That would be something like this:
I never said he was silly. == I never said he was ( specifically silly).
I never said he was silly. == I never (said he was silly).
I never said he was silly. == I never ( specifically said) he was silly.
I never said he was silly.== I never said (he specifically) was silly.
I never said he was silly. == (I specifically) never said he was silly.

The emphasis is on the underlined word and as such it changes the meaning to alter an element. I think that language is very poorly constructed and is almost constantly ambiguous.

I wonder if it could be represented otherwise.
Entity(I) !Act(speak)( Entity("he").attribute = (all -"silly")).
Entity(I) !Act(speak)( Entity("he").attribute = "silly").
Entity(I) !Act(all-speak)( Entity("he").attribute = "silly").
Entity(I) !Act(speak)( Entity(all -"he").attribute = "silly").
Entity(all-I) !Act(speak)( Entity("he").attribute = "silly").
Oh well, maybe in the year 10,959.

On the universe issue, how does a rational person exclude the possibility that if the universe is 14 billion years old, others have had the opportunity to do weird things to the universe for at least 10 billion years and what does that mean in terms of how you view the data from the stars? Could the answer to life outside Earth be staring us in the face? Or maybe it is staring at us in the mirror.


jordaenne said...

Hi there Paul.
Congratulations you have completed a will you market it?

I agree that language has its inadequacies well I guess it depends on what you want to use it for.
If you wish to express feelings and thoughts well they are ambiguous and fleeting therefore language has to be that way.

As far as the question of life goes I really don't think there is one ha ha.

Paul Mohr said...

The program is "open source" which may be an odd concept to many people. I design and create the program and all its parts, then give it away so that every person in the world profits from its use. The work of others to create all the neat free programs I use all the time is the only reason I can do this so easily and this is my way to contribute to that concept.
Ten to the 22 stars and ten to the 10 years seems a rather large number to signify nothing.

jordaenne said...

That is so beautiful Paul.

It is just like my Paint.Net -that beautiful professional tool that I worship to colour my drawings and free of charge.It truly does colour my world.

What a gift thanks to people like you.


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Automated Intelligence
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