Fossil of Steganosaurus found

The fossil of a Steganosaurus was discovered, or more correctly, not discovered on a Google blog. The sedimentary layers of posts had pressed it flat between the a demarcation boundary that implies that the age of the Steganosaurus ended abruptly, due, most likely, to the impact of a blog destroying extraterrestrial comment whose impact flamed it into nothingness.


jordaenne said...

HA HA very unique and scientific.

In my kids dinosaur story they kept going back in time so they couldn't get hurt. ha ha

MASTER GEEK you always have something unique to venture and you are not afraid of boundaries- what is you word on Conficker?

Paul Mohr said...

According to slashdot, the haven of super nerds this site and simple eyechart will tell you whether your computer is infected.

jordaenne said...

thanks. It will be nice to know if my computer and I are going to cyber heaven.

It's been nice knowing you Paul.

Oh and by the way I guess in the extinction of the dinos in your awesome joke time and space become one , the amount of blogs covering a dinosaur age,(well here I am explaining jokes again. ha ha.)

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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