Lock and key I see C

It has been a long time coming and is actually unexpected. My first computer languages were all machine code and I don't mean assembly. I programmed first in gates, relays, hexadecimal code, and PLC ladder code. I actually used a sheet of paper and wrote the hex and the mnemonic on the programming sheet, then typed in the hex to the ROM programmer.

Assembly language with various assemblers came next and I can still code in hex for X86 if I get the urge to waste my time or if I wonder about an instruction being valid or want to know some timing details.

The thing is that today, "C" has become natural to me. I don't even think about it as I create it. I have the ideas of how I want the program to work and my hands type the code. I could just as well be watching TV or YouTube while I coded, but I am sure that my typing would suffer.

I am not quite at that level with Python, even though it is an easier language to learn. It has the libraries that make it useful and it is the art of the libraries that truly defines whether it is applicable.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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