Is GNU CC psychic or just think it is?

You can download this video from the sourceforge page HERE if that is your interest.

I ran into some odd gcc behavior today and when that is combined with my own oddness then you might as well call it fondue.

I have been doing some math and imaging for the analysis of matter field equations and I think that the entire field of math is just weak as it is poorly defined and racked with conflict. It seems very odd, and that is why I posted the quadratic stuff, that as neat as that is, its derivation requires that you ignore the fact that you are only doing something valid on a subset of the solution. When you look at the case logic of it, you have 2 different cases where "a" can be 0 and it becomes undefined within that method, but the universe is never NaN or UDF. It may lead people to think I am bonkers, but I think it is just a very weak algorithm that has so many failures that must be cast as ifs. I realize it is not a quadratic equation if the x2 operator is 0, but then it is not a real solution in my opinion. I can write a program that has ifs and comparisons and that does not bother me as much, because it is always the same and not subject to forgetting a step or failing to realize the zero exception on many methods.

Strangely, it is easier for me to add FOV, cameras, wire frame, model edit, shadows, physics, fog, environment, mirroring, textures, key define, debug, Python interface, meta processing, direct video gen, model load and save, and many other elements,, than it is to use blender now.

x=(br*cos(((twopi*(j))/sections2))) +cos((twopi/(double)sections2)*(double)j) *cos((twopi/(double)sections)*(double)i);

That is part of the equation that generates a torus which just combines two circles controlled by i and j. In the above case I am doing lines instead of quad strips to show the inner structure. I also use a color gradient that uses both sines.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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