Interview with a vampire physicist

Just a little joke that seems to fit with new discoveries of voids in the 3D images of the universe.

I asked a physicist what happened 14 billion years ago and he said,

" First there was nothing and then the universe sprung a leak and at 10 -456.287 seconds into the creation of the universe it had a goth moment and decided to get a tatoo of Natalie Hershlag on its ankle. It then twisted into 200 dimensions and then collapsed into 21 dimensions and the rest is easy.

I then asked how many sun spots will there be tomorrow , and he said,

"That is silly, it is far too complex to predict that far in time. Have you never heard of the butterfly effect?, you idiot."

I would ask somebody to go back 14 billion years and get some pics to prove it, but that would spoil all the fun.

      On a separate note, I wonder who is watching the store while the entire power of the US government is focused on finding the origin of the image of a strange gluttonous weasel. To some extent, you can predict the action of a system by the parts that are incorporated. Perhaps the weasel is visiting the candy shop while all the gingerbread men are trolling for power.
-- Alice Infinity


jordaenne said...

I like that Paul very nice creative joke on the origin of the universe.
I can see you have been combining greek mythology with your physics.

Hm 200 dimensions, I figured we had lost a few along the way ha ha.

ta ta
thanks for the smile on my mind.

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Automated Intelligence
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