I see, said the machine

The reason you don't see any stegnography , is because it is steganography.

I wish that I could share all the information I learn every day, but that becomes ever more difficult as the complexity increases. I often read a selection of a thousand different feeds every day and scan hundreds of web sites. I use the "elvi" to help, some AI of my own, and the tools that I develop.

A few of the things that I am studying today that are very interesting if you want to discover them yourself are:

  1. convert
  2. mogrify
  3. outguess
  4. stegdetect
  5. xwininfo
  6. miff format

I have also been applying math for multi-dimensional space and surfaces to the study of waves and discovered some really odd consequences of straightening out some of the basic misconceptions about math itself. There really is no way to project from higher dimensions without using video to help with the representation. The integration of advanced tools to my common process of accessing the web and using information is like having an amplifier of capability as I can make the computer do all the filtering, sorting, conversion and formatting before I ever deal with the information and if it is true to my interest it speeds the absorption and application by many magnitudes.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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