If you are a compulsive one, you know

This at wiki about autodidacts is interesting and I wonder if there is a real line between somebody who learns from everything and those who learn from formalized process. It would seem that if a person were not an autodidact ( self teaching) to some degree, they would constantly be surprised at how their coffee machine works and would have to punch buttons at random until the coffee came out. These words are great and apophenia is interesting too. So if you don't know which end of the key goes in the lock, you aren't an autodidact.

I have identified several patterns in the raw data that comes from the Hubble and others and found some very interesting relationships. Somebody else has done something I didn't think of, which is correlating which way the spiral arms of galaxies are oriented. It seems there is an odd twist (pun intended) to that. This is certainly just the beginning. It is almost certain that there are many patterns that will emerge, whether apophenic or not.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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