The elvi want to dream of new organisms

Some might complain that I post too much, but if I commented on every topic that I study each day it would be hundreds of pages and I would not get much done. I see a correlation between AI and the availability of data and the ability to collect that data and transform it into a format that can be absorbed and utilized. The prerequisite knowledge of a specific subject or concept is much like the library requirements of a software package that needs to be linked and instantiated to complete the compilation.

The Theta θ analysis of algorithms is interesting in the fact that it touches on the concept in a way. The way I see it is that many techniques can be integrated at higher levels. It is much like ∫∫∫ of information or even δδδ of some situations.

I do think that there will be a limit to what I can absorb each day, but I have not hit that limit yet. I need to integrate the new understanding of creating life from non-life as a method which allows the exponentiation of effect of creation in physicality in the same way that I exponentiate and factorially ( which is a real word, missing from the spell checker) expand my effect with programming and programs.

Each time I learn something, it gets created into my programs and integrated so that it can be used and accessed. It serves as a shorthand access to the tools and I need not deal with the detail, except once so that it is managed properly and accounts for its object interface and usage methods.Many of these things are familiar to me, however they were not named, just created by need. I have devised asymptotic analysis, however I speak of it as how quickly a function 'branches to infinity'. It makes it much easier to understand many concepts, as I have already devised them independently, and this gets back to the autodidacts issue.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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