Is it my flaw, or theirs

The picture of the LaTex equation links to Maxwell's Equations.

The idea of sqrt(-1) is dealt with differently by different scientists and I feel that I am not the only one with reservations and even if it can be applied with some caution and achieve results, my opinion is that it requires some clarification in the origin of math itself and a change of method.

The thing that I am wondering about now, is if there could be a very basic flaw in the assumptions of the nature of fields. I am a big fan of Newton and Maxwell and have a great regard for their intelligence and ability. There is however a tendency to accept certain aspects of theory and then never revisit those elements , but just use them as absolute truths. As I have said before, I see nothing as absolute, merely a convenient assumption that is workable.

I find it hard to believe that the flaw I suspected is present ( since it is so egregious and it appears to be more true with each element I investigate), thus it is my goal to correlate the information in a way that is consistent with existing theory and uses the same methods, which work and prove that the flaw is present due to an assumption which has a disproof.

I was studying my copy of Isaac Newton's Principa and I am reasonably certain that I have devised a way that derives the same results using a different method which takes into account relativity and Einsteinian Relativity. It carries on the idea that since all motion and energy is relative in some fashion, the principles of interaction of what is considered to be matter, which I see as less matter and more simple effect. The idea of quantum mechanics that wonders if one material can move through a solid seems to deny its own premise. I don't doubt that quantum tunneling takes place, but I am not schizophrenic in my interpretation, it is all without true absolute physicality IMHO.

I see several things which have been accepted as the only possible alternative in several areas and is it a lack of imagination or taking the expeditious route? There are many new things that will come in the future and science has not even scratched the surface of infinity.

I really should be working on antfarmgl and the products, however there is such a vast sea of resources on the internet and it begs to be known and applied.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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