I did not know it did THAT!

I was checking my network today, which is kind of a weekly ritual. I never seem to understand it all and basically solve as much as I understand and keep improving my understanding each week. It upsets me when something gets on my machine and opens a port, even if it is benign. If I am not aware that it is communicating ( or what it is communicating ), I want it to stop.

netstat --inet -pln

I learned a dozen new things this week and I think I may setup my iptables next week. I may also do some preventative analysis of the responses of networks I connect to that will tell me if they are doing something odd ( which I am sure they are ).

It is definitely funny, when all the equations work out right it is possible to create anything in the universe.

This particular dance of the rings cannot be appreciated without seeing it in action. I am going to finish the frame to video generation today to make it automatic on a button to stop and start frames record.


jordaenne said...

Hi Paul,
Due to the wine of life ha ha I forgot to mention HAPPY EASTER and may your days be reflected in the golden light of your spirit.

this will be beautiful, thanks again for the physics and art.

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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