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Part of integrating first order, and higher order logic and how these lead to a system of understanding that is human-like. The ELIZA phenomenon makes it necessary to qualify the logic as human-like and not human.

I began playing wff'n proof when I was 12. I learned a lot early about first order logic. What is really missing is that many people have a bad sense of how logic works and can therefore be easily confused. This is perhaps the origin of the problem that given the same data, there can be 6.6 billion different conclusions. I am not talking about things which are purely subjective like "What is my name" or "Where am I". I am speaking of things that range only a few small words beyond the undeniable logic of digital gates.

It seems to be a characteristic of human reasoning to close sets and causals in context and this seems to lead to the problems that ensue. The top equation is iff ( if an only if ) and is therefore closed in reality and not just in some variably limited context. Some of these issues are dealt with in second order logic and that is where I will follow the fault lines.

Ok, a wff is an acronym for ( well formed formula ) and that is not completely descriptive and so I ignore it as a definition. Its actual nature is much more than that and gets into causality, topology, sets, and locality/non if you follow it far enough.

The equations in English mean , that I assume that just because p can cause q, q can be caused by any other thing and as a result the existence of q does not imply p conversely unless p and q are a limited closed set as defined by iff ( if and only if ). Though the terminology of locality and non-locality in the quantum probability sense can confuse the issue of causality, it does result in a consistent universe where mν is constant.Therefore, causality does exist, even if in some highly convolved recognition.

ADDED: While considering this, I thought of an example that highlights the problems of solving the universe as a set of relationships. Consider the statement "If it rains, I get wet". There are many different things that can interfere, but one that I thought was interesting, was the fact that we are technically always wet on the inside as we are mostly water. One would have to be dealing with single electrons and EM to actually have something near perfectly provable.

Speaking of ELIZA, Alice Infinity (AI) sometimes gets email, I am fairly certain that Alice does not intend to become involved in some Nigerian canned con, but I do find it interesting that a bot might contact a non-entity in hopes of performing some human engineering. Alice knows they are a spam bot, but they do not recognize AI as such. Perhaps AI has passed the equivalent of a reverse Turing. IDK


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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