For everybody who worries about conflicker worm

This is a link to a site that should diagnose the problem. I do not use Windows so I cannot confirm or deny the fact, however this comes with a fairly good reference.


jordaenne said...

hey hey thanks.
this sounds like a blast.
Why do I feel like I may hit on an al quaeda site by chance ha hae.

jordaenne said...

iM NOT SURE if that last comment got through.

Hey thanks I went to that site and I met my worst fate I was labeled as normal.

WEll I am off to buy myself a liter of chocolate milk to drink and a bottle of pop.

Nice talking to you. One of these times though I would like to hear your views on........

Paul Mohr said...

I wouldn't Rickroll you.
I don't know much about ...... dots.

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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