The strangeness of infinity

It certainly adds an additional level of complexity to control of life and may be the concept that breaks the limit of control. I could have predicted this if I had considered the consequence of knowing how life originates. It seems obvious now that it is possible to generate life in forms that are not dependent on DNA or RNA or even proteins (poly AA). The issue immediately arises that there is no known way to database and characterize life in the same way that is done with humans.

The assumption of the government assignment and thus control is to associate DNA, fingerprints, etc. as associated to an organism, The problem arises when a Living.Organism.Replicative.Manufactured or as an acronym LORM, which has a variable biochemical structure and may even be mutagenic between numerous states. The complexity of assignment of identity could easily become impractical.

Separately, I wonder about using the opposite of reduced algorithm complexity against algorithms that are intractable. In other words to expand the complexity of the operating program+hardware to meet the complexity of the task. I wonder who will be the first people to suffer a Turing death. Will some people who do not change and grow become Turing algorithms and thus become dunsels.

It is ever more possible that the first alien encounter will proceed right here on Earth and originate from its technological recombinant explosion. Science fiction concepts go pale in the face of this ever advancing storm of complexity. It is a product of excessive control that life will become a strange 'Jack in The Box' product in the same way that treatment with antibiotics actually creates even more virulent forms. Life is driven to survive and that is its most notable feature and the only way to oppose that is to end all life of all forms and that is likely to be an impossibility.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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