The circle of knowledge grows

I notice a few things each day that grow from ideas I create or perhaps the independent realization of these relationships. There are some very odd things coming and it is certainly a revolution. What the product of that revolution will be is anybody's guess. These things affect ever aspect of life and science in ways that are combinatorial and it is not reasonable to assume that anybody can plot the intersection of millions of new ideas and see what will become of it.

I do believe that those who seek to grasp at power and hang on in desperation to their empire of sand castles will simply be washed into the sea and the castles will return as beaches of the future 'en passant'.


Steve said...

Things contained in our future always prove mind blowing and life changing. I have never understood people who latch onto pseudo believes only for a sorry sense of comfort from the truth. Long live knowledge and critical thought!

raphaelleae said...

Hi Paul,
Beautiful lines. Yes we are in a constant state of flux nothing stands still even though it may appear to on the surface.

I think it is kind of a cool thing to speculate on that there really isn't such a thing as the present we are always in a state of becoming yet people ignore this I guess because it is our only way to feel stable.

see you later.

Paul Mohr said...

Steve, I looked at your blog and I can see some very interesting stuff there, now I have a new place to learn some things, thanks. Raphaelleae, I do sometimes feel like I am lost in a sea of information, I am just glad I enjoy swimming.

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Automated Intelligence
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