Assembling and Disassembling a C0w or P1g

If you do assembly and 'C' it might seem that C is somewhat like weird assembly with a lot of syntactic convolution, though that is not really a good parallel. I suppose I could say French is German with a lot of syntactic convolution. I suppose I could even say, life is like death, just more movement.

I am going to analyze something about the relationship of pointers in 'C' and assembly and if you don't do 'C' and assembly it will likely just confuse.

The complete decomposition , disintegration, or breaking into parts of the process itself. In English language, what we might be doing is to have the address of somebody's house and the contents of their house. So, I will make some associations about analogous relationships.

If we have a street where Julia and Jim live, and if Julia's house is at address 2, and Jim's house is address 7 on the street. Julia has 14 dolls in her house and Jim as the address of Julia in his house. So .....

7 is the address of Jim's House 2 is the address of Julia's house 7 is technically speaking 'the address of the address of Julia's house'
7 is the address in memory that contains 2 2 is another address in memory that contains 14 address 7 contains the address 2 which contains the number of dolls
'C' &dolls == Julia Jim == &Julia **Jim == number of dolls *Julia == number of dolls
assembly(Intel format) &2 is used as[2] if mem[7]=2 and mem[2]=14 mov ebx,2 mov eax,[ebx] ;eax is now 14 &&7 is this mov ebx,7 mov ebx,[ebx] ;ebx is now 2 mov eax,[ebx] ;eax is now 14

As you can see there is a firm foundation in space and position to describe what the computer is doing. So assembling a cow is about the fact
Now, if you worked with hexadecimal, and had some down time while you were printing, compiling or assembling, you might try and figure out how many words ABCDEF can form, you run into CAFE, FACE, .... and if you are really geeky, you might run a combinatorial against a dictionary and generate all possible English words that can be formed, and then you might combine the words into sets like 'face cafe' and then if you are even geekier than that you might start assigning numbers as their letters by their visual closeness, like i=1.

So mainly I am being goofy, and I thought of this:

imaginary main(int argc, char * argv[]) { int n=-1; imaginary i; return sqrt(n); }

And so I actually did that, but there is no imaginary data type, strangely.
error: 'imaginary’ undeclared (first use in this function)

#include <stdio.h> #include <math.h> /* to compile : gcc -Wall minus1.c -o minus1 -lm */ int main(int argc , char * argv[]) { int x,y; x=-1; y=sqrt(x); printf("%d = -2147483648\n",y); return y;/* -2147483648 */ }

It is good to know what the loge(foo) is.

So numbers really only have meaning in a context where they are valid. I can't address memory that isn't present and I can't use values as indexes when they aren't.

I suppose I am obligated to comment on the new man-bird-pig flu that may become pandemic, and to be honest, there is another place that reason does not serve well because the problems are intractable to computation and therefore it is a guessing game that is best guessed after the facts have played out. The odd thing is that the century 2000-2100 seems to be mimicking things that happened between 1900 and 2000. That does not bode well. There are many odd things going on and people really need to realize they are living in a very dangerous place and their best chance of surviving is to work together and not be the partners of death in its many incarnations of war and disease and catastrophe.

I thought of an odd association and the '12 Monkeys' and wouldn't it be weird if Bill Gates had unknowingly collected a batch of mosquitoes with the new H1N1 and released them in a room of people, thus causing the apocalypse. His PR trick with the mosquitoes was definitely beyond bizarre and I wonder if he was already suffering from Alzheimer's , and is he already dancing with the Spruce Goose.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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