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There are many resources on the web that can educate and here is a link to college level courses in many areas at Academic Earth. Many of these are video lectures and include additional material like transcripts.

I really enjoy going back through the basics constantly ( or at least to a reasonable ( for some definition of reasonable ) amount of recursion ). An unusual thing that I ran into when dealing with bits and signs and the concept of how it is implemented, is the the lack of symmetry in how numbers are stored for 'int', 'unsigned int' and a sign extended binary.

For a single 8 bit signed store in 2's complement there are 127 positive, 0, 128 negative. Their origin is "(xor(n with -1))+1" I actually think that some people have called that largest negative two's complement ""NEGATIVE ZERO"", which I think is just not odd, but really perverse and causes too much cognitive dissonance. I can handle sqrt(-1) without twitching, but -0 causes me to make bad faces.

I wish I had the time to explain frequency ( waves and electricity also ) analysis without imaginary numbers and some of the foundation relationships in mν. The problem is that I have run into new things that have great meaning and I cannot relate the amount of new revelations that I encounter each day, at some point I may find the end of the trie(Not a typing mistake) of infinite strings.

An interesting thing is: That though I have missed some very crucial techniques because I did not independently invent them, there are also some critical things that people who teach the most effective tools also are missing some very pivotal knowledge, because they are not me in the same way that I am not them. If science and in fact all things do not act in an 'open' manner then this continually happens. For each thing that is hidden, every person on the Earth suffers for every act of concealment for profit or power. The openness of Universities is very cool , however they need to do something that they did not plan for, which is to have a mechanism where people like myself can contribute a better answer for some problems, so it can be distributed yet again. They need to implement feedback through some channel, which is always a bit tricky because of spam brained idiots, but they are smart and should be able to come up with something to help them be smarter.

Knowledge is very much like the root of a tree and once the leaves have been fed, they return the product of the new light they capture to feed the tree and it functions forever in a loop , like life.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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