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This won't mean much to people who don't get into machine code or "assembly" , but now I have made the connection with languages. What I have done is found the key between assembly and 'C' and this is like having the relationship of structure between two spoken or written languages structures and it opens a lot of new things to be used and understood.

int voodoo(long int x) { void *ptr; ptr=&voodoo; printf("\n" " %16lx %16lx %16lx %16lx \n %16lx %16lx %16lx %16lx\n" ); spook:; return 1; }

Of course the voodoo would be %08x on a 32 bit machine and this can be done in gdb or kdbg , though it is not quite as much Halloween fun. I have wondered where 'C' stops me and what I have found out is that, even without a single line of __asm__ , I can do anything that I could do with machine code. Since I have years of experience with making safe, gospel code, it translates directly into the programming methods in my code.

The odd thing is that I thought that many procedures were unsafe and easy to hack, and strangely I was not willing to accept my own understanding of that until I heard somebody in a position of teaching security say that exact same thing. Now I see that the approach I have taken in my code design is not an expression of my paranoia, but is actually the only way to make safe, sanitized input, solid, faultless code.

What is happening with this code once it is compiled is exactly what I had seen, but refused to believe. This is not the only place I see many cracks in the world and perhaps that is one possible origin of the term. So those little glimmers of light that I see reflecting through the structure of the computational universe are real and the screwdriver exists and as such, it is a simple task to stick the screwdriver into the little crack, turn it and open King Tut's tomb to see what is there.

My question is: "Why would somebody make an entire world web of information that is this easy to twist open?" The cap on the information is not even child proof and more fittingly, kiddie script proof.

It is just bizarre, for those who study cryptography also, I cannot even imagine how they could see anything as being secure, it is just a tin foil hat. What goes around must surely come back around and though the circle is large, the path across the center is shorter.


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That is frightening to consider.

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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