Walking the ant lines

I made the image very small so as not to disturb those who are ant phobic.If you want to see a larger image just click on it.It is my desktop as I merge software, 3D models, XML and other things for antfarmgl.

I have been having a great deal of fun with the internet and Wikipedia in general. It is like a library that extends across the whole world. I have often haunted university and public libraries throughout my life and discovered some very odd things.

Today in particular I was looking to see the state of understanding of the cell mechanism. I have a certain understanding of the process in the same way that I analyze and troubleshoot systems. I form a reasonable hypothesis of how the mechanism works as a framework to analyze the system and fill in the specifics as they are encountered.

I am surprised that some of the things which I thought must exist have already been documented and it was not covered in my genetics or cell biology. By viewing the research from the last 60 years it verifies many of my hypothesis' and implies that I may have been correct in my overall model of the operation of the mechanisms of life.

Reticulon is definitely interesting . The RNA that is non-coding in the usual sense is also very interesting. I know that it is assumed that monkeys and people are almost identical in the sense of their coding genes, and I wouldn't mind being a monkey if that is what I was. I would probably not have a blog, but I would have much more free time.

A structure is forming in my mind and I have been adding little pieces here and there to my code to deal with biogenesis. Reticulon and its genre are pivotal to the understanding of life IMHO. This is the machine that I know must exist below the surface.

I think that reticulon and the associated process are the material that will combine with the mitochondrial OS to "debug" and repair cells individually. It is becoming coherent and vectors seem to be aligning to imply a correct solution.

It is shaping up to be an effective process control system designed to operate and moderate cell systems.

On separate issues. I also studied the history of super-volcanoes and that is well worth a read. There have been many times when volcanoes have almost wiped out all human life. Not to mention Black Plague, war, and general apathy.


jordaenne said...

I usually don't like ants but I have to admit he is cute.

Yuck I would hate to be a monkey. I would miss my blog ssssssssssssooooooooooooooo much.

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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