Taking control of the galaxy, my way

My favorite way to win at computer games is to rewrite the software and, the speed at which I can grasp the package then make changes, is how I keep score for myself. This one is Konquest and I just didn't like the fact that my position in the galaxy was random and I wanted to tip the scales in my favor. It took me 2 hours total.
to download,
figure out how the games package worked,
do an initial ./configure and make
modify the code and recompile.
do a snap shot
post about it

It is c++ and it is a well maintained package which is properly structured so it is easy to modify. It was worth a laugh.


jordaenne said...

Hi Paul

Thanks for the smile.This is brilliant manipulation.
If you can't win easily at the game then change the rules and transform the game.
What a profound philosophy of life. ha ha.

have a beautiful day filled with love and light.

Paul Mohr said...

You are welcome, I enjoy your art and blog, so we are even.

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Automated Intelligence
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