I wonder if this is the start of a new meme as I think that it makes sense in a strange way. I was considering c14n, which stands for canonicalization and i18n which is short hand for internationalization. Also L10n and g11n are explained in wiki. Then it seemed to me that I could include expletives without being rude by saying f2k or f4d up or f5g. I think it is f5g great as I can add emphasis and also be elitist and techy . I could say "Read the f5g manual!". I suppose it could catch on, IDK.

ADDED: In genetics there is a short hand too. 14q12.1-4 which represents chromosome 14 on the large end ( not petite ) at staining band 12 and sub bands 1 through 4.


jordaenne said...

hi Paul.
Beautiful! I am always thinking of new ways to get away with using profane language-using a user name etc. haha.

I don't know Paul.Are you sure you are a physicist?You talk more like a comedian every day. ha ha

have a beautiful day.
Science needs the cutting edge of humour.

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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