Major progress on ants

I have been working on antfarmgl for nearly a year now and it has taken me through places that are so confounding in their complexity that I thought I would never see the light of day again. Today it works and it works with all the things I have learned, from XML, make, config, autodoc, i18n, unicode, C++, Python, Lisp, LaTex, openGL, XUL, and the concept of functions. It can program itself and the structure of the program and its objects are generated by XML.

A piece of art in programming. It is fast, configurable, compatible, understandable and documented well. Now I get to do the window dressing and use it. Barring some unexpected side trip, I think it will automatically incorporate data and expand. It passes all tests. I really thought it would only take me a few months to be skilled with the UNIX environment and all the free tools, how silly of me. It has been 6 years of studying and learning since I first worked on my first Redhat Linux point of sale commercial computer system. I can say that I was very stupid and naive then. My background was Windows development and there is no comparison in terms of the versatility and effectiveness of F/OSS.

I think I am going to make something for myself as a reward. I have all the pieces to make an ant farm model game and I think I will do that with multiple windows like gimp. Menus, statistics, graphs, behavior model adjustments, openGL vertex models from blender, and some sound effects. This will be the promotional element to get people interested in the development of applications.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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