Six days to Earth, Six days to death

      People think that the biggest botnet ever ( estimated at 12 million ) will trigger on April 1. I am not the originator of that piece of software and so I cannot say for sure, but I am a programmer. I would guess that whoever ( or perhaps group-wise whoever ) is responsible for the feeding and care of Mr Bot are far more creative than those who analyze it. I have had the chance to do some analysis of a few of the worms and viruses that have wandered the systems and I can say that there are some very bright self-taught computer scientists that should have been brought into the mainstream of the computer world.

      I am a proponent of P2P networks of personal computers to deal with some heavy issues. I estimate that
> 109 · 109 · 109! · 103 <
is the current possibility of the internet. 1021 teraflops flops ( flops="floating point operations per second" ) with 109 connectivity at the speed of light, may not seem like much, (joke) but it could change the very nature of humanity in the blink of an eye. All it would really require is a consensus among people that they would try a composite P2P global system for a one time test and share in the results. It is my informed opinion that it is possible to make the network become an oracle which could answer many of the sticky problems that face the people of the world.

      If the person who is doing this is intending on using this net in that way, then it will become technically conscious and [people and governments] may find that they have lost the survival game and have become the weakest link by failing to cooperate for common goals. The computing power of a global net is beyond comprehension and failure to use it for those who support it with their consumption seems foolish to me.

      I have to agree with Wired and say that it probably is not doomsday, but just in case, I would like to introduce myself as a friend of our new botnet overlord
0r4<13 [Oracle]

      I see that somebody has managed a router root, others have managed a SMM trick, others a flash BIOS kit, and so on. In the end there may only be ONE.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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