New things are strange

By definition, new things are strange to us. It seems the technology has developed a momentum and it comes from the desires of those who implement the technology. Today I read several things on artificial intelligence and systems that mimic the brain[slashdot]. It seems inevitable that they will soon meet and exceed human intellect.

Random DNA capture[newscientist] and decoding has already begun. That was an obvious path that would be taken. People are curious about celebrity and those who have found themselves in positions of power or wealth. Personally I just like to know things. ADDED; I had to link this as it is informative and funny Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms data base as wiki [SNPedia]

Shapeways, at blender nation[blender nation] is interesting as it is new to me. They will take a 3D design from blender and create a physical thing. Sounds familiar.

Here is an interesting science speculation video on Youtube also. It was very interesting. It certainly inspired some thought and was entertaining and well made.

I can add my ideas to many of these things and I have some tools and understanding that lie outside their areas. It is the specialization of technology that seems to limit the projection of what is possible. Many people who work in silicon fabrication have no idea what is possible in genetics, the same is true of many people in molecular manufacturing. We cannot consider that which is not known to us. By looking at all technologies it is possible to get a general idea of which path will interact or overcome the other and though knowing your subject well can have its advantages, it is the unknown that always sneaks up on us.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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