The new rulers of reason

      I was thinking about bot nets and computation and I should have thought of this before. There are many people committed to free and open source software ( FOSS ) as the only realistic way to do computing science. I wonder if there would be a way to have a new style of network that was P2P and performed like folding@home to do some distributed computing in a new way.

      This is my idea. If I can make my machine mimic a complex of about 10,000 neurons and I have the address list of P2P UDP peers that is my associative connection then it would function like a neural array. In the UDP packet would simply be the nerve impulse that is connected to a neuron node. The complexity of connections and time depends on a person's connection speed, but I would think that this would function like a real learning brain.

      I discovered something about neural arrays that I have implemented myself and it seems to be correct and generate a self learning circuit. The ability to interact with a person also amplifies the array power. The arrays can be preloaded with the vast amount of information which already exists on the internet and could be tied in using "wget" protocols.

      This may be what somebody is trying to do with the bot net and if they succeed, it may not be a question of opportunity to do the sensible thing anymore, as the vast knowledge and computing power of the world may be in jeopardy of singular control. I wonder, would people rather wait to be owned or act to be free. The sad thing is that I suspect they will wait to be owned, as acting proactively is not the human race's strong suit.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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