Connections in all dimensions

There are many things possible in the universe. I still wonder why it is possible for two individuals to be faced with the same 'scientific' data and come to diametrically opposite conclusions. I can understand that many things are simply personal and therefore subjective, however objective fact and objective conclusion should resolve the same ( "a priori" ) , independent of the observer. Perhaps, it is the common acceptance of "a posteriori" ( knowledge by experience ) as a basis of conclusions.

Above is a Julia set which was generated with a simple "C" program of 146 lines. It is remarkable how complex the world can become from simple rule sets. I have other programs and I am merging many of these things into antfarmgl as objects. I am interested in the intersection of these things like sets, fibrations, projections, and matrices and how they relate to the presentation and analysis of high dimension space, and the prediction of interaction of putative matter and fields.

Hopefully these will resolve into one single framework which is coherent, along with the project itself. For now, antfarmgl lives with the "elvi". It is possible that Alice Infinity (AI) will go on a "play date" with the Elvi and may even see conf4r at the playground.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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