Quantum Gravity

      I ran onto this link about Quauntum gravity and it serves as a framework for my interest in understanding all of this in context. I have developed some new methods and I have my ideas of why they work and so I may be ahead of the game or out in left field. I have inertial neutralization and I can view materials at the atomic level in living systems. These are facts for me, because I do them. They were devised by associations and guesses about what is possible.

      Until all of this is explained coherently it is still an air ball. I can see many places where the coherence is present, however I have never attempted to explain some of the more exotic effects and resolve the somewhat metaphysical aspects of quantum principles. There is quite a bit of wild stuff like many worlds, time reversal, and such , which I consider silliness because it cannot be tested. It is all well and good to sell books, but as far as application within the near future, it is more like a game of interesting science speculation.

      So I will deal with each of the aspects of this and see if I can make a reasonable, testable framework which could be either proved or disproved properly by experiment or application.

      My understanding of magnetism is such that it has no absolute relationship to electrical fields or charged particles. It is a secondary effect of location in space and order. I suppose I am going to have to use the word time, as much as I dislike the implications, because it is a time-like effect. I really hate all the extra metaphysical garbage that gets attributed to the concepts and I personally think it detracts from the goal of complete coherent understanding. Much like assigning magical or mystical meaning to time, "(3·n)2 + (4·n)2 = (5·n)2" , ∫ ex, π or √-1

      So the whole of quantum mechanics in on my tray [ Starting with the Invariant Set Hypothesis ] and I will comment as I decide what real relationships and effects I can glean from it.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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