Life will win, that is what it does best

I was studying some new bacteria that have just been found called Chryseobacterium greenlandensis and an article at wiki has a brief section it already. The issue I see is that there are bacteria that are not yet discovered and they are too small to be considered possible to exist. So,... the unknown has bit us in the behind again. These things like the tardigrade and others can live even in a vacuum. I am guessing that the decontamination procedures from Earth to everywhere and from Moon to Earth are flawed and we have already started homogenizing the solar system.

It has been recognized that because of the constant flow of ships, planes and merchandise around the world, species are going where they have never been before and it is creating great change. I say that if they have already done the deed, they might as well send some hardy bacteria to Mars and the Moon and elsewhere to prepare the planets for being occupied. The exponential expansion of life can be scary. If I were to assume that a single microbe could survive on the surface of Mars and it doubled every hour, by doing 2^(7*24) [1 weeks in hours = 7*24 and dividing every hour without competition] in speed crunch it gives me 3.74144419 x 1050 which is enough to cover an entire planet. ( To clarify: That is where it would be in one single week! The only reason it doesn't happen on Earth is competition. ) Just like rabbits in Australia, when you introduce a creature that has been honed by evolution for billions of years to survive the worst, it will win.

Here is another link at Daily Galaxy about the new bacteria.

I doubt that life would be doubling every hour, but it would certainly have a significant impact before we could get to Mars and stop it. Two years is 2 to the (2*365*24) which is just not even a number that can be appreciated.


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Automated Intelligence
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