It was like that already

Should a person wear a shirt that says "I'm with stupid" when they are alone. I couldn't help it, I had an idea that I wanted to change the game and so off I went. It took about 30 minutes to determine how the game operates and then make the mods and compile. It is a nice package and well structured. They do good work. I am not really that good at troubleshooting other people's code, they just make it easy by following good code practices.

I bet if you could look at the source code for Windows it would be a ragged tangled spaghetti mess of poorly written code that nobody knows how it works really. Mold grows in dark places and when you hide your code from peer review it usually ends up being crappy, because you need to make time and if nobody is going to ever question your style it tends to get sloppy and expedient.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen