Language and nature

I have solved some of my problems with language by thinking this way::
When I think about or write in my personal logs about something, I use Math::curl, Sports::curl, XUL::curl, Hair::curl and so I make the terms less ambiguous by supplying some context with the word.

I have been using search patterns in models of genetic development and there is a suggestion that there may be a second form of life that is symbiotic with all cellular life. I seems that it would be the precursor of cell life. I am attempting to isolate the effect in the dependencies. I assumed it was there and I have found more supporting evidence. A Eukaryotic cell must have mitochondria to function and so it is forever linked with their evolution. I am reasonably sure that a second form of life exists as a part of all cell life, including Prokaryotes and that is flows freely between species constantly.

Some subjects are just too complex for people to understand and this is perhaps one of them. It would have emergent characteristics and like ants, the sum of simple parts can lead to a coherent organism that exists outside the physical framework.

I have also been developing some new methods to deal with chemistry and bonding. I think that present methods applied to Chemistry are very weak and outmoded. The bond definition in particular, leaves much to be desired in action and predictability. I have been making progress and some aspects of the new model are helpful.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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