Fourier day

Today I am playing with math : harmonics, waves, and topology. Specifically I want to have a handle on using Fourier methods and FFT in some aspects of my project. I am also working on algorithms like trees, associative matrices , normals, surfaces, vectors.... and testing some LAN protocols for my machines.

ADDED: X(f)\ \stackrel{\mathrm{def}}{=}\ \int_{-\infty}^{\infty} x(t) \ e^{- i 2 \pi f t} \ dt. \ which is this in LaTex And I have an interesting link to a simple explanation of Fourier which is here: LINK and I will see how useful that is.

ADDED more , the uplink from the fourier was even more interesting as it is about neuro It is some interesting reading. The fourier description was instructive and suggests some applications I had not "grokked" before.

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And a new link if you like FFT and this looks like a winner.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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