Four colors of thought

I have been looking into i18n for the sake of making my code user friendly in most languages and discovered gettext and xgettext (.po and .pot files). That is another large subject and I can see that it can be complex. It requires that the code be language aware at its outset.

Other areas I have been studying are the following:

  1. Fourier analysis
  2. Partial differentials
  3. Topology
  4. Turing and the halting problem
  5. Common Lisp
  6. Sets
  7. Quantum physics
  8. Foundations of math

I discovered an interesting relationship between all of these things. It would seem that applying some concepts from each of the areas to the others leads to an interesting proof of the four color theorem. I am currently browsing the history of De Morgan at Wikipedia and along with Linux, Wikipedia has to be one of the greatest ideas of modern times. I learned what snarks (topological) are and also what a bull (joke) is. We often used De Morgan to simplify gates and it is interesting to read the other areas of his achievements.

One of he sad things I am learning is that there are some very poor teachers that may do more harm than good by failing to understand the subject they teach. It seems that it is true that the most important thing to learn is how to learn.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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